Coordinator: CROSSKOVÁCSI Sport és Környezetvédő Egyesület

Crosskovácsi Sport és Környezetvédő Egyesület

Crosskovacsi Sport and Environmental Association is a non profit organization active in the area of Nagykovacsi and its surrounding Pilis region in the field of organizing MTB and other outdoor sport events, promoting healthy lifestyle, pursuing and popularizing nature sports, and being active in environmental protection. Crosskovacsi has been a significant actor in organizing outdoor sport events in Hungary. One of most popular events in the country is the annually organized Crosskovacsi Mountain Bike marathon. It is officially registered by the Hungarian sport authorities and professional bikers as well as amateurs (including families, children and seniors) take part in it. In 2017 it was the organizer of the National MTB Cup and in 2018 it was nominated again as the host of this prominent event.

The association was founded in 2000, but it goes back to roots in organizing one of the biggest national mountain bike races in Hungary under the name “Crosskovacsi”to 1993. Since then this event has been organized annually. It has an increasing number of participants. Last year the race attracted over 800 participants including both amateurs and professionals of different age ranges from children through adults to seniors.

Since 2010 the association has operated a children bike training session employing professional trainers. The initiation has been very successful and it has led to the promotion of outdoor sports with special focus on cycling in the area and has spread widely via children and their parents to adult population.

The association is expanding in activities and areas of influence on local youngsters sport habits. Besides its bike school which is well functioning it also created biking routes in nature and is about to enter into making an outdoor park.

Crosskovacsi is closely cooperating with other youth associations and also has very good contacts with the local school and the local government. The association attracts about 150 volunteers out of which over 30 percent are under the age of 25.

Crosskovacsi also supports the local European activities by participating in various projects and initiatives related to sport and youth issues.

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EAS SEGAS Cyclades

EAS SEGAS Cyclades

EAS Segas Cyclades (a Union of Athletics Clubs) is a secondary degree legal entity representing 13 Athletics Clubs on 11 Cycladic islands in the South Aegean Region. It is the sole representative of the National Athletics Federation of Greece in Cyclades. Our headquarters are situated in the heart of the Aegean Sea, on the famous Island of Mykonos. It was established in 2000, has been operational ever since and participation has increased by more than 300% since 2013.

In our Union, there are more than 1.000 amateur athletes, including children (from the age of 6), teenagers, and youngsters, some of whom on a high level participating in Olympic Games, World and European Championships and some of them are members of the Greek National Athletics Team.

Besides track and field sports, EAS SEGAS CYCLADES also co-organizes a significant number of outdoor race events on the islands and welcomes hundreds of runners from all over Greece and abroad on an annual basis.

Approximately 150 volunteers contribute to our projects and activities, inspired by the ideals of fair play, cooperation and promotion of health and sports to local societies.

Our Union also boasts of its wide network of 30 athletics trainers who work for our clubs and of dozens physical education teachers in all secondary and primary school on the islands.

We have established stable and mutually-beneficial synergies with local authorities (Municipalities and the Region of South Aegean) and we also cooperate with the other non-governmental and non-for-profit organizations, universities, state bodies, agencies, etc., depending on the scope and the objectives of the activities.

Within the last 5 years EAS SEGAS CYCLADES has managed to reverse the low participation levels in athletics and its consequent poor representation in Greek and European Championships. At the moment, athletics in Cyclades are ranked among the best in the country.

Our field of expertise includes:

  • Organization of track and field athletics events, off-beaten track races, on a local, regional, interregional, European and world level
  • promotion of HEPA and sports-related science through various sports and non-sports activities
  • emphasis on developmental ages
  • Organization and implementation of physical education & training seminars, info days, scientific seminars etc.
  • Networking and collaboration with sports-related public, semi-public and private entities
  • Implementation of specially-designed sports projects, e.g. Kids’ Athletics
  • coordination of inter-club and interregional sports and training events

Our goal is to inspire people no matter of their age, gender, class status, etc. to be a part of the great sports family. Social Inclusion coupled with the insularity dimension of our region are also our top priorities. We view sports as a multi-faceted phenomenon, with economic, social and environmental underpinnings and our actions and activities always take into account these issues. At the same time we wish and work hard to spread the knowledge of sports to everybody.

Our Union of Clubs activates in Cyclades, an island complex of 24 inhabited islands of small and medium size. This insularity dimension of our Union is central when trying to conceptualize problems and solutions relating to all aspects of life, including sports. They are considered disadvantaged areas by the European and national legislative framework.

Besides their excellent landscapes and seascapes, Cyclades boast about their unique environmental and cultural resources, which make them ideal for the promotion of spots tourism, which can contribute to the economic and social improvement of the islands.

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Sportovy klub HORAL - ALTO Slovakia

Sport club HORAL was established in 1999. Its mission is to promote sport and healthy lifestyle and contribute to local tourism and local and regional community building with its activities. Our top activity is organizing HORAL MTB MARATHON in Low Tatras. Since its start in 2000 it has developed to be one of the most influential MTB races and a very important outdoor activity not only in the region, but throughout Slovakia. One of its charms is that its tracks lead in three national parks (High Tatras, Low Tatras and Slovak Paradise). In 2017 the HORAL was the official UEC European Championship. The number of participants in 2017 was more than 1600.

Besides cycling the club also offers basketball leisure-time activities and organizes annually a streetball tournament.

HORAL sport club is led, organized and operated on a voluntary basis. It has no paid employees, but devoted volunteers from the region. 6 people work on the race all year long, others volunteer on a temporary basis. In 2017 the number of volunteers was more than 350 people. Community feeling and mutual help is very strong in the region and HORAL sport club is one of the main contributors in it.

Both of HoRAL’s main events (MTB Marathon and Streetball tournament) are organized in co-operation with other sports clubs and other organizations from Svit town and from neighbourhood towns and villages. This co-operation is very important for quality of events and also for creating and strengthening fellowship and community involvement.

On the other hand, members of Sport Club HORAL, help in organizing other events in our region. For example: Crosscountry running race, Tatras half marathon, Days of Svit town, Community festival, Country weekend and many others. Cooperation with tourism and touristic stakeholders is very important, too.

As for national and international cooperation, HORAL has been part of several series of races, including the SLOVAK MTB series: cyclomaratony ( and the Intersport Series with 7 partners from 4 countries ( Participants at the races include racers from almost all European countries. We had some participants also from Australia.

Umbria Training Center

Umbria Training Center is an association, which has developed projects through targeted services for companies, public bodies, schools and associations since 1994. It employs a team of experts and consultants as well as a network of national and international partners.

UTC deals with rural development and restocking of mountain areas, acts as a Local Development Agency promoting business creation, the creation of events and the strategic planning of sustainable mobility in rural areas.

UTC has been managing projects on behalf of and in partnership with MTB ClubSpoleto since 2014. UTC supports the MTB Club in organizing national and international sport events. The most popular event is LaSpoletoNorciainMTB track taking place in Septembers.

The race is frequently adjoined by related events providing courses for any target, cultural spaces as seminars and conferences. One of the latest was about Planning a tourist itinerary in the rural areas according to ETIS model “ European Tourism Indicator System for sustainable destination management”.

Particular focus is on a social sphere with the involvement of people with diseases and promotion of sport.