Mapping rural areas

Partners in each country map disadvantaged rural areas with historical sights/natural resources, which lack sport events and sport races which has capacity and interest in getting involved in our programme, collaborate with us to achieve the project goals and delegate rural sport ambassadors.

“Call-for-action” material

The “Call-for-action” material for “Sport rural involvement” and addressing potential “sport ambassadors” includes a description of the potential benefits of organizing nature sport events and races in rural areas is prepared with a nicely designed visual outline to attract attention. Partners use this material to address stakeholders (municipalities, smaller sport clubs, youth organizations, civil associations etc.) in rural areas who might be interested in joining our programme.

Training material on track planning

Our partners are all very experienced in organizing outdoor sport events/races and planning and building tracks. They all have the know-how and skills to develop a training material on this aspect. They compile their experiences and knowledge in a training material available to train both less experienced people in own organization (e.g. new volunteers) or people wishing to start organizing a nature sport event outside the organization (e.g. addressed ambassadors).

Case studies on the partners races can be accessed from the English version - last slide.


Each partner will organize a workshop in their countries presenting the project, and conducting a training which involves:

  • highlights on benefits of nature sport events in rural areas
  • training on track planning
  • invitation to making action plans

The target group of the training will be (new) members of own staff or own volunteers plus invited delegates of rural areas. A group of min. 20 people is envisaged to attend.

The training will be a one-day training with presentations rich in examples and practical exercises. If possible, a visit at the venue of the race will take place to observe the track in live and get explanations on features.

Reports on workshop in each country can be requested from the coordinator or from respective partners.

Action plan for sport rural initiatives.

Among the rural areas which were consulted in the project, two are selected for assisting them to make an action plan on how to plan a future nature sport event and its most important element: the track. Delegates who are interested in planning the track and organizing the event meet experienced representatives of partner organizations and prepare their action plans. The action plans are tailored to the specific conditions of the respective rural area.

The 8 action plans can be requested from the coordinator or from respective partners